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What to expect on follow up visits

Follow up visits can be conducted either in person or via telemedicine. Second visits may be 30 or 60 minutes depending upon the extent of the information we plan to cover, such as clarification of the plan, review of labs required etc.

In non-emergency communications to our office, you can expect to have your calls returned within 24 hours, except during times when the office is closed due to weekends or holidays. Any email or text communication will be responded to in 24 hours or less.

Accessing Your Doctor Curated Supplements

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About the Cost of My Services

I am committed to providing individualized integrative Naturopathic and Functional medical care to my patients at affordable rates, as this enables me to reach more patients with Naturopathic Medical care. In order to best do so, I have made the difficult decision to be an out-of-network provider for insurance during my first years in practice. This means I do not contract with insurance companies, and thus, I cannot bill insurance directly. You, however, can submit your receipt (or superbill) given to you at the end of your appointment and see if they will reimburse you or if your payment can be applied to your deductible.

In the insurance model of care, a 15- minute visit pays more than a thirty minute visit and an hour visit is often not possible. Thus, doctors have a huge incentive to fit more patients into a day. Instead, I will take time to listen deeply, to understand you, get to the root cause of your imbalance and develop a comprehensive plan, tailored to you.

This superbill receipt will have the billing and diagnosis codes that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement directly from them. The amount you will receive depends upon your out-of-network benefits and your deductible. Please check your policy or with your company to better understand your plan. You can also use your HSA or FSA to pay for services. You pay a lot for insurance and this allows you to be proactive in the kind of care you will receive.

Our medical private for-profit insurance model in this country is complex and less and less focused on health and wellness, and simplicity for the patient.

However, you will still be able to submit your insurance directly to the lab or testing facility to cover all conventional labs, such as through Quest Diagnostics as I am a licensed physician in the State of CT.

Any additional more detailed labs, such as DUTCH Hormone Testing, Doctor’s Data Hair analysis, Food sensitivity panels, Great Plains Organic Acid Testing, GI Map stool analysis, or 3 X 4 genetics are paid for out-of-pocket or via HSA or FSA. Your insurance company may or may not reimburse you. Check the details of your plan. We will always discuss with you the exact additional costs of these tests and the potential value to you in achieving wellness.

Nutrient Supplements and herbs are not covered by insurance. We do offer high quality physician grade supplements and botanical medicine preparations personalized to the patient) for our patient’s safety, convenience and knowledge. They are available through our on-line dispensary and in-office. These items can be covered by health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts, if prescribed by your naturopathic physician. Other valuable services we provide that are not covered by insurance include cleanse programs, constitutional hydrotherapy, ayurvedic lifestyle counseling, and nutrigenomic testing.


Costs of Specific Services 

Naturopathic Medicine:

First Naturopathic Intake, In person or telemedicine (1 hour, 45 minutes) $95

Naturopathic follow-up (45 minutes) $75

Naturopathic Review of Functional Medicine Labs (60 minute appointment): $95 (due to time for analysis of reports)

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Homeopathic intake (60 minutes) $200

Homeopathic follow-up (30 minutes) $100

Click here to learn more about Homeopathy

Nutritional Genomics:

Nutrigenomics with 3 X 4 Genetics Consultation (90 minute initial Naturopathic Medical Intake and 60 minute detailed review of the Nutritional Genomic findings post-testing) $190 for the two appointments  billed at first appointment

Click here to learn more.

Hydrotherapy (Coming soon):

Hydrotherapy Constitutional Treatment (60 minutes) $60

Hydrotherapy Constitutional Treatment - Package of 4 $200

Constitutional hydrotherapy treatments require an initial naturopathic intake.

Click here to learn more about Hydrotherapy

IR Sauna (Coming Soon):

$45 rental of room and sauna for 45 minutes


Medicare, Medicaid and Husky insurance patients receive 10 percent off all intakes and check-ins. If my fee is outside your budget, please contact me via email and I will review my sliding scale with you on a case-by-case basis.


All fees are due at the time of service. Cash, Checks, Credit cards, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are accepted forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy:

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for all appointments. Patients that do not cancel within this period will be asked to pay a $45 cancellation fee.

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