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Winter Medicine Chest + Recipes

By Karen Tyson / December 20, 2022

It’s so important to have a natural medicine apothecary on hand at home or while you travel. This is typically an eclectic mix of herbs, teas, essential oils, supplements, homeopathy, and topicals. I love the idea that I have this “toolbox” that can prevent and treat common imbalances, pathogens, and accidents so that they don’t […]

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Leaning Into Fall: Foods, Herbs & Exercise

By Karen Tyson / November 8, 2022

Seasonal transitions are hard on our bodies, particularly the ones that feel so harsh as moving from the Pitta (fiery) Summer season to the cool, dry, rough, and windy Fall and Winter seasons. This seasonal transition becomes harsher if we continue to consume the cooling foods that felt so good in summer (such as salads […]

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Let’s work together to build your Home Health “Medicine Chest”

By Karen Tyson / August 18, 2022

As I have been preparing for a trip to CA for my daughter, Lily’s, wedding I was thinking about my home and travel natural medicine apothecary, which is an eclectic mix of herbs, teas, essential oils, supplements, homeopathy and topicals. I love the idea that I have this “toolbox” that can prevent and treat common […]

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Veggies are the Answer

By Karen Tyson / July 4, 2022

Everyone can Agree on This: Plants are Good for You As the sun, warmth and greenery arrives with bounty of summer, I am reminded that the answer to my wellness and that of patients is so simple: “Eat food…mostly plants”- Michael Pollan, NY Times Journalist and Best-Selling Author Thankfully, farmer’s markets are thriving throughout the […]

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Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom: Morning Routines and The Rhythms of the Day and Year

By AC Stauble / June 7, 2022

MORNING MINUTES/The Morning Routine Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation. And that is an act of political warfare- Audre Lorde In Ayurveda, the importance of a consistent daily routine can’t be underestimated. As part of your self-care, self-love habits and rituals of this Spring re-boot, let’s commit to changing the trajectory of […]

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Good-bye & Good Riddance to Exogenous Toxins

By AC Stauble / May 17, 2022

Although we are blessed to live in this country in so many ways, we also acknowledge that the industrial enterprise and big business is supportive of profit-margin and not necessarily health. With a bit of education and “voting with our dollars” we can minimize the strain that these toxins put on our body, particularly our […]

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