Seasonal Cleansing

four yellow-petaled flowers

The change of season Cleanse is a longstanding tradition serving an important function.

The Spring/early summertime is a natural time to support the LIver, that all-important organ with so many functions which include the very complex detox processes of our body and bile production.

And then, as we transition to Fall we need to fortify for the colder weather and put in place best practices.

Today, our bodies are overwhelmed by the toxins in our environment. In this change of season program, so much education will be provided on “food as medicine”, lifestyle processes, daily hacks, sleep hygiene practices, herbs, and supplements that will allow us to support our body's detox pathways. We will also discuss how to best prevent environmental exposure.

These workshops will be community-based, hands-on, and detailed in the education and information, including but not limited to:

  • Food as medicine, with recipes
  • Timing on eating
  • Key nutrients to support detox
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • How to hack exercise
  • Sleep hygiene

Another key educational topic that will be on the docket for this year will be workshops on how to build a holistic, food-based, and plant-based home apothecary that will be able to treat acute ailments as they arise.

Watch our newsletter, blogs, and social media for our programs and lots of information.

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