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Your genes are a blueprint, but not your destiny. By understanding your epigenetics, how your genes are expressed, a clinical and scientifically actionable plan can be developed to optimize your health. If you understand your individual genetic blueprint, you are in a better position to make choices that will help you to live longer and more healthfully. Your choices in food, exercise, stress reduction, sleep hygiene can influence how your genes behave.

This is a key to prevention. Do you want to:

  • Optimize your energy?
  • Understand what nutrients need more support in your diet and/or supplementation?
  • Understand the best forms of exercise for you?
  • Understand in which choices you have a bit more leeway and which choices you have less leeway in to stay feeling vitally healthy?
  • Understand the best choices in your life to optimize and balance your weight?
  • We have reached a level of scientific knowledge where we can understand your Single Nucleotide Polypeptides (SNPs). SNPs are the variations in your DNA base pairs that make you unique. In this genetic testing, we will only address those that are scientifically proven to be clinically actionable to develop a personalized plan for you in relation to food, lifestyle and supplementation that optimizes your health.

The approach:

A Complete 90 minute naturopathic medical intake
You will receive a genetics test kit with a buccal swab to do at home and send into “3 by 4 genetics”. This test is paid for separately.

In approximately 5 weeks, we will meet again in a second 60 minute appointment to review the plan that was put together specifically for you based on the initial intake and the 3 by 4 genetics report. As complex as genetics is, the goal is to make this easy-to-understand and actionable for you.

Now, you are empowered with the “guidepost” to make choices and decisions that will most benefit your health.

If you feel this type of preventative medicine should be part of your vital health journey, schedule a nutritional genomic appointment which will include a 90-minute initial Naturopathic Medical Consultation and a 60-minute analysis of the genomic result.

Note that the 3X4 genetic test kit is paid for separately.

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