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Botanical medicine is my passion as a life-long study. Plants evolved with us and have scientific research across the world to support their use in medicine. In addition, they also have rich cultural and ethnobotanical traditions.

They are a lifelong study and accessible to all from your culinary kitchen herbs to plants that can be used as adjuncts in the” therapeutic order” to provide deep healing to the body. In my practice, those plants are delivered in “foods”, powders, teas, capsules, and tinctures. It is essential that they are harvested in a sustainable manner and that the companies that are providing us with this medicine respect both the environment and the science to provide their products reputedly and honestly.

It is also essential that I know the science and when we venture out of “food based herbs” that I understand the patient’s imbalance, medical and family history, biochemistry and interactions with the vast array of pharmaceuticals being prescribed (many of which were originally synthesized from plant based medicines). Although most herbs are safer and more gentle on the body than synthesized pharmaceuticals, I need to also respect and understand the science of plants in relation to the complexity of each individual patient.

So with an eye towards tradition and research (and with a deep understanding and respect for these plants), I love using tinctures (liquid plant medicines extracted in alcohol and/or glycerites and/or vinegars)  as part of prescriptions and have a large tincture apothecary in my practice.

  • I can specifically design the plant medicine to the individualized needs of my patient and address many imbalances at the same time.
  • When I prepare that tincture, I am deeply studying the research and the patient to bring together the best “medicine” for that person. This is true personalized medicine.
  • Tinctures are accessible and can be easily carried with the patient throughout the day.
  • In addition, many of these plants you can grow on your own and learn how to make your own medicine from. Start with one plant and grow your knowledge little by little.
  • I was blessed to have knowledge of botanical medicine when I was raising my children. This provided me with the ability to gently heal imbalances, such as digestive upsets, minor coughs and colds, minor injuries, at home with my herbal apothecary. I desire to help you to build that home medicine chest so you can help your family to stay well.

My herbal tincture apothecary consists of hundreds of tinctures that will be combined for you as my patient to help you move in the direction of wellness. I will always explain my choices to you as relates to research on these choices. I curate the selection from companies who are doing the right thing for the environment and with the careful study and selection of the plants they use.


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