Good-bye & Good Riddance to Exogenous Toxins

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Although we are blessed to live in this country in so many ways, we also acknowledge that the industrial enterprise and big business is supportive of profit-margin and not necessarily health. With a bit of education and “voting with our dollars” we can minimize the strain that these toxins put on our body, particularly our liver, which supports us day-in and day-out with its over 500 functions. The first part of supporting the liver is to minimize the toxins going into it that it will need to process.

My own personal life was profoundly affected by Rachel Carson. After reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 1962, my father took out our front lawn and planted lots of trees (passive solar), lots of flowers (pollinators) and a large organic garden. And yes, sadly, when I was a teenager and he wanted to teach me about gardening, I ventured off with my “Coppertone” to the local lake and didn’t learn enough. However, the lessons of Carson’s ground-breaking work are still essential, as the planet has only gotten more toxic.

There are over eighty thousand agricultural and industrial chemicals, 90 percent of which have never been tested for safety.

Don’t feel powerless in this, there are things you can do. Knowledge is power.

In addition, since the liver detoxifies our bodies, including our endogenous hormones (estrogens in women for example), we need to be aware that many of the chemicals we are consuming in food and in food storage containers can disrupt our endocrine system. Minimizing and avoiding these is essential to our reproductive and biological health.

Think that every time you buy food, you are voting for wellness or against wellness, for both your own body and that of the planet.

Start with your food you are consuming focusing on eliminating the most toxified foods (eating those in the organic form). I know food is expensive but if we save by eliminating that sugar and alcohol from our grocery cart, it gives some food budget for vegetables. And medical care is expensive in America. Voting with your dollars for vegetables and local small farms is a good use of our “food voting dollars”.

Environmental Working Group is the go-to resource. All vegetables are great for your health. Focus EWG’s dirty dozen when shopping to buy these vegetables and fruit in the organic form. And purify your water as best as you.

And with EXOGENOUS TOXINS, It’s not Just about Food

Let’s stop supporting the Plastics

Sadly, we are starting to be made of plastics and they are contaminating our oceans. Just say no to them.

·   Carry a stainless steel or glass water bottle with you

·   Don’t take the receipt when you shop. Thermal receipts are coated with BPA or BPS. Most stores offer e-mail receipts

·   Avoid plastic cling film

·   Never microwave in plastic containers

·   Use only glass or stainless-steel foods storage containers. Plastic lids on these containers are alright, as many “Pyrex” brand dishes come with them. Just don’t let them touch the food.

·   Avoid all nonstick pots, pans, and bakeware; instead use stainless steel, cast iron, glass, enamel

·   Avoid packaged foods as much as possible. Thus, cooking at home is most beneficial. In addition, many of food take out containers are plastics. Make sure to re-cycle any of the ones that can be recycled.

·   Choose fresh or frozen food over canned.

·   If the food is canned, make sure it is it BPA and BPS free. You can check whether a food or beverage package contains BPA using EWG’s BPA product list:

·   Drink filtered water. And water and/or tea is the drink of choice, never soda, fruit juices or other sugar drinks. Eliminating these is an easy way to move in the direction of wellness.

·   Consider a charcoal containing countertop water filter

·   Test your water through the local health department

Do a Makeover of Your Body Care Products

·   Start with your Soap and lotion as they touch most of your skin

·   For soap make sure to avoid synthetic parfums, Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), triclosan, parabens, methylisothiazolinone, and methylcholorisothiazolinone

·   For lotion make sure to avoid PEG, parabens, petrolatum, and mineral oil

·   Get to know pure organic essential oils

·   If you wear make-up seek out only pure products

·   Don’t forget toxin free nail polish

·   Choose a natural fluoride free toothpaste: some good brands are Himalayan, Jason, and Rise well

·   Avoid aluminum-based products and don’t use antidepressant

·   Search out nanoparticle, mineral based sunscreens

·   Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep is an excellent free source of information.

Green Housecleaning Products

This is easier to do and can start with water, white vinegar and essential oils; or many excellent products sold by companies such as Seventh Generation or Mrs. Meyers for example. Access EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleansing:

·   Don’t use air fresheners in your home, car or anywhere. They contain phthalates, benzenes and other endocrine disruptors. Essential oil diffusers provide safe scents that are beneficial to our bodies.

·   Have a no-shoe policy in the home, which can reduce contaminants tracked in

·   Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter

·   Dust with a wet rag frequently to prevent chemically laden dust from accumulating

·   Use an air purifier in the most heavily trafficked rooms

Home Makeover

·   If you a foam filled mattress or sofa cushions, keep them covered.

·   Do not purchase new fabrics that have been treated with endocrine disruptors such as Scotchgard or Stain master

·   If you have babies or toddlers, do not purchase flame retardant nursing pillows, car-seat covers, and baby clothes


·   Skip the toxic herbicides and pesticides in favor of natural landscaping, garden, and insect management.

·   Test your garden soil for lead

·   Wood playsets, decking, garden beds built before 2005 can contain arsenic, so be aware.

·   Use only natural bug sprays

And don’t forget the mental impact that a cluttered unorganized environment can have on your life. Pick one small section of your environment and commit to a plan of minimalizing, organizing, and making the space feel JOYful.

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